Our scorecard includes Customer Satisfaction through Commitment, Quality & Compliance, and Employee Satisfaction through Privileges & Safety Issues.

Misc Issues

Working Conditions, Safety and Hygiene

A safe and hygienic working environment prevails in the factory. Workers receive and record health and safety Training. First Aid boxes are well maintained. Quick medication is assured in emergency cases. All first Aiders are trained by a qualified trainer. Fire equipment, Fire Extinguisher, Fire Warning bells and Smoke Detector are installed. Fire drills are regularly carried out. Three escape/emergency routes are conspicuously marked and illustrated evacuation plans.

Child Labor

Factory does not engage worker below 18 years old. Factory management verifies the age before recruitment with the assistance of the doctor and maintains all age related documents like the national ID Card, Birth Certificate, Educational Certificate etc.

Living Wage

Factory respects minimum wages and other benefits as per law of the country. Only 2% of workers (mainly the apprentices) earn minimum wage and 98% of workers earn above minimum wage. Workers receive monthly payment by 7th working day each month. Workers receive overtime allowance at the premium rate.

Working Hours

Factory maintains normal office hour as 8:00 am to 5:00 pm with 2 hrs overtime on emergency shipment purpose. Factory personnel enjoy Friday as the weekly holiday. Factory maintains time records through time cards.


No discrimination is practiced in hiring, compensation, access to training, termination or retirement based on race, caste, national origin, religion, age, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation or union membership or political affiliation.

Harsh or inhumane

Factory management has provided very strict instructions to all executives and supervisors not to use any abusive language, bad attitude, harassment or sexual nuisances.


Child Labor, Discrimination, Forced Labor, Working Hours, Compensation, Working Condition, Health and Safety policies are available in factory.

Law requirement

Newly recruited workers receive identification cards and appointment letters as well as wages information on the recruitment day. Welfare officer and Compliance officer provide orientation programs for new employees on the same day.

Our Welfare Programs

Workers Group Insurance

All the workers of Impulse Sweaters Ltd are covered under a group insurance scheme with assistance of BGMEA.

Festival Bonus

Workers are given bonuses on the occasions of Eid-Ul Fiter and Eid-Ul-Azha. Workers of other cast are also given the same benefit at the time of their celebration.

Medical Facilities

Services of Full time Doctor and Nurse are provided to the workers. Free medications are provided.


We have been donating food, clothing, etc regularly to the flood affected people in time of their need. Besides, we give scholarships/stipends and donate books to needy students.


Outdoor Sports activities, such as soccer, cricket, etc tournaments are arranged from time to time for the workers and the staff. Moreover, Carom and Ludu tournaments are held on different occasions for female workers.