Profile of the Managing Director



Group Captain Mohammad Ahiya (Retired) had been serving in Bangladesh Air Force for 27 years till July, 2009. He started his garments career from November, 2009 in Viyellatex group as Deputy General Manager. He was tasked to construct a giant wire house for the group and operate as one of their independent business unit. He successfully completed the construction and organized the business as planned. He left Viyellatex group in June, 2012 after making the business fully operational and joined LUSAKA group as the Chief Operating Officer of the group on 9th Jul 2013. He was tasked to look after the total business interest of the group. Apart from all business interest of the group, his major responsibility was to run the Knit, Woven & Sweater factories under his direct supervision. He then left LUSAKA group on the last day of March, 2012 and started his new assignment as the Chief Executive Officer of Impulse Sweaters Ltd. Subsequently, he took over the same factory as one of the owner. He performs his duty as the Managing Director of the company.


He held various important appointments while serving in the Air Force as well as Special Security Force. He travelled many countries on official visit as the member of Special Security Force with the assignment of looking after the physical security of the President & the Prime Minister of Bangladesh during their visit abroad. He was deployed as the 2nd in command with 1stAir Force Contingent in DR Congo. He received higher professional training from Thailand & Nepal. Twice he achieved “Chief of Air Staff’s Commendation Certificate” for outstanding performance while serving in Bangladesh Air Force.


Group Captain (Retd) Ahiya was born in 1956 in a noble muslim family. He is married having a son & a daughter. He maintains a very good physical ability.


Contact Details
Group Captain MOHAMMAD AHIYA (Retired)
Mobile: 01713-383840