About Us


IMPULSE SWEATERS LIMITED is an old, as well as, new name in the sweater industries of Bangladesh. It was established in 2007. Early 2013, the new management has taken it over and started its journey with full pace.  It is a 100% export oriented sweater factory. It is located on the Dhaka-Mymensing highway (view location map) at Bhogra near Dhaka Bi-pass road. It is a four storied independent building having 32,000 sft working space. It is 20 KM away from the main international airport (Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport) of the country. The best part of the location is that it enjoys direct & traffic jam free movement to the sea port city of Chittagong.


Factory activities are being organized aiming the following main aspects:


  1. Customer satisfaction through Commitment, Quality & Compliance.
  2. Employee satisfaction through Privileges & Safety issues


Customer is considered as the Business Partners. Our main area of concern is to maintain commitment, whatever we commit to the Business Partners. We are less interested to discuss about the quality of the garments because it is inherent. We believe, “no one buys any defective garments from the market, so, how we supply defective garments to our partners”? Maintaining quality has got no choice. We don’t compromise with the quality in any way.


We believe in transparency in every sphere of activities with the business partners, suppliers as well as the employees. We have three tiers of quality control system which brings the total satisfaction of all concern in terms of quality of the products. These are: Quality Inspector as well as QC in every section to monitor the quality of the ongoing production, Independent QC team reports directly to the top management and 3rd party Inspection team by the business partners.


Our objective is to create more employment to the non-skilled work force of this over-populated country. And at the same time, making a platform for those educated manpower who get early retirement from a profession and intend to switch to another profession with the aim to improve the quality of their personal life.


We would like to set an example of maintaining a wonderful & transparent relationship between the workers & the management.


Note: It is fact that the company has not achieved formal certification in respect of compliance as yet. But everything in the factory is being organized keeping the target to achieve the certificate. We are taking all endeavors to achieve the formal certification by the end of this year.